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Le Frêti is celebrating 50 years

Le Fréti is a Savoie-based culinary institution and an emblematic site in old town Annecy.

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Its history

It all started in 1973 when Michel Collomb, who initiated the traditional descente des Alpages (a traditional celebration of the return of the herds from mountain pastures to the valley), opened a dairy shop in the old town of the Haute-Savoie capital.

His family´s idea was to offer small meals made from the best local cheeses and
dairy products.

An emblematic site

As you can expect, the following year, in 1974, the site transformed into a restaurant that treated guests to authentic mountain cheese cuisine.

An Annecy-based institution

For decades, the Collomb family has put the spotlight on products from the
Savoie terroir: artisanal cooked and cold meats that generously accompany a
variety of fondues, raclettes natures, raclettes fumées, tartiflettes or Brisgottes (a
fondue made from vacherin fribourgeois)…

Over the years, Le Fréti has become an unmissable stop for tourists and the haunt
of foodies in love with the Alpine terroir.

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Our story continues!

In November 2023, the owner Hervé Collomb (one of the founder´s children),
transferred this testament of Savoie tradition to Christophe Savary, a cheese
confection enthusiast and restaurant owner who grew up in a family of

After giving the establishment a makeover, he maintained a traditional menu offering based on fresh products and carefully selected farm cheeses, all the while letting guests discover cheeses from other regions.

jez-timms-gMW2NZ7JGrE-unsplash (1).jpg

Thanks to Christophe´s inspiration, Le Fréti, which is celebrating 50 years in business in 2024, will keep opening up to cheese specialties from different terroirs, both near and far.


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