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At Fréti, everything´s homemade! All our dishes are made from fresh, seasonal products. Discover Savoie cheeses, French cheeses, or cheeses from different terroirs at our restaurant in Annecy.



New at your restaurant in the heart of old town Annecy: discover Freti´s cheese bar, a space filled with discoveries and camaraderie: cheese platters, hot boxes,
fondues….all to share!

The weekly table

Discover a new menu to indulge in novel delights every week! Savory cheese plates (and much more) to be discovered…



Welcome to "le Fréti" restaurant which has celebrated traditional cheeses since 1974!

In Savoie patois (or Savoie dialect if you prefer), "Fréti" refers to someone who produces cheeses in artisanal, often cooperative workshops called fruitières. In Savoie and Jura, Franche-Compté, fruitières are where farm milk is collected to be put to production making artisanal cheeses. It is in fruitières where farmers pool the fruit of their work.

Born in these villages in the 13th century, fruitières have developed over the centuries to achieve renowned savoir-faire and efficacy. 

The perpetuation of this unique, artisanal system is in part thanks to PDO sectors that are dedicated to traditional cheese elaboration from unpasteurized milk. 

Where to find us?

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Sharing your experience at Fréti

Vaches dans un champ

« Of all the dishes prepared by human hands, cheeses are those that most faithfully invoke the look and temperament of landscapes where cows, goats and sheep graze to provide the milk that this marvelous food is made of… An ancient product, cheese is the reflection of what humans have learned from nature. »

Jean-Louis Vaudoyer, Éloge de la gourmandise.

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